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Welcome to Laxer-Scape the #1 RSPS.
Please register here on the website.
Please read the rules and download the client before playing.

Laxer-Scape Information

Wecome to Laxer-Scape the #1 RSPS. Please register here on the website and download the client. Thank You.



Click HERE to subscribe to our YouTube channel.






I apologize for the server being down for so long. It should be up by the end of next weekend.


Everyones accounts will have to be reset when the server restarts. But if you have donated to the server and want to learn how to keep the items you donated for read this:


When the server comes back up we will have a new donation method: Donate by SMS, and paypal will be changed to Alertpay.




The server will be down for the next 2-5 days while we switch over the ownership of the server. We apologize for the inconvenience.




The donation reward list has been updated. All wings are now $13 in stead of $12 and $15.




We apologize for the server downtime. We have been doing some major updates. It will be back up as soon as possible.




The server has been going on and off because Owner Lax is having computer problems. Once we get a VPS this will not be happening and it will be not laggy at all. So please help us get that VPS by donating. Thank you.




We apologize for the server being down. Owner Lax computer needed some rest. It will be back up ASAP.



We are having a contest to see who can bring the most people to the server. The prize will be 500m GP and Flying Angel Wings. Please go to the forums for more information.



Double donations are going on until Friday, June 4, 2010. This means you get 2 of everything you donate for. So start donating!

How to download the Laxer-Scape client:

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